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Community Resources and
Referral Partnerships

We maintain professional relationships with several service providers in the community that we regularly refer to provide various services. Below you will find some of these community partners although this is not a comprehensive list. For more targeted community referrals, please discuss with your service provider.

Customized therapy programs provide services at many centers throughout Illinois, Georgia, and Colorado. 
BYS is multidisciplinary, allowing
children to receive all their services from one provider. Centers are also modeled after the home
environment making it easy for kiddos to transfer their newly learned skills to their home environment. BYS Academy is a school readiness program that utilizes ABA Therapy with
1:1 support in a classroom environment.

Services include: ABA Therapy, BYS Academy School Readiness Program, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy and Parent Training

Offers full-spectrum psychiatry and talk therapy 

Center for diagnosis, management, and treatment of both neurological diseases and sleep disorders.

Specializes in treating OCD, Anxiety, PTSD, and Anxiety-related disorders through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention.

Dr. Vinny Sharma D.O.

Neurology/ Vascular Neurology

Addresses various neurological concerns including Brain Tumors, Dementia; Epilepsy; Migraine; Stroke; Aneurysm; Carotid Disease;  DoubleVision; Headaches; Multiple Sclerosis; Alzheimers; Parkinson's Disease; Seizure Disorders at Elmhurst Hospital-Endeavor Health

Offers Psychotherapy, Cognitive Rehabilitation and Caregiving Support 

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